Hi Mrs. Reans, (Mary)
I know I promised to come back to visit; but unfortunately the hours at my new job does not permit me to do so. My hours were changed just as I was about 10 start. I’m on the road to work by the time your clients are coming in and unfortunately, I get home too late to come and visit. I didn’t want the clients to think that I had forgotten them because I promised I would come and visit if I could.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire staff for making me and my students feel so welcomed while I was there. I felt so appreciated. Ms. Kerin even danced for me on my last day and I got hugs from everyone; as well as the lovely orchid which by the way is doing phenonmenal! Every day when I look at it, I think of Bridges and all the wonderful people I met while I was there. Truly, I have never had such a wonderful clinical experience in my entire nursing career.

Please, let everyone know how much I miss them and how they have all touched my life in such a positive and meaningful way. The clients may have physical disabilities; but they have overcome those disabilities with the love they shown to me and I will never forget them or you.

Please tell Ms. Karen and and Ms. Kerin and Katy and Carmen and the med nurse how much I miss them along with all the other members of your staff (I can’t remember everyone’s name) but I do remember the faces of the residents, the hugs, the funny news stories, the singing, the dancing and yes, even the Prom!

I never realized how much my life would be touched by everyone there. The clients would smile at me when I arrived in the morning and they would all wave and tell me goodbye every night befure I would leave. These are memories that I will cherish and I want them all to know how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to be with them, even if for just a short time. Please know that if ever you need a nurse in the future, I won’t hesitate to come back to be with all of you. I was the one that was truly blessed and I just want to say. “Thank You for everything!”


Maryann McKenzie, RN, BSN

My daughter, Anne Marie, has benefited from attending the Bridges Program. She is a spastic quadriplegic. When she attends the program, she enjoys the lunchtime meal and socializing with the caring staff and her circle of friends. Anne Marie has been a client since her graduation from Lenape High School in 2001.

From a parent-caregiver’s perspective, Anne Marie’s participation in the Bridges Program gives me peace of mind that comes from knowing that Anne Marie spends her day in a safe environment. The comprehensive program handles all of her daily needs

Chris V., Southampton, NJ

Glen suffered sudden cardiac arrest at age 36. As a result, he has moderate to severe memory loss. We tried an occupational training center extended employment program. But due to Glen’s inability to remember, he was released. So in 1999, Glen began attending Bridges Medical Day Center, a secure, medical facility that has accommodated his interests, safety and medical needs for 15 years.

Glenn attends Bridges five per day, five days a week. Staff members are always there, and all the employees there are top notch! A social worker is there to lend an ear any time. The transportation supervisor keeps the buses running smoothly. The activity director and staff keep the clients busy and active through the day. The administrator always has her door open. And the nursing staff is busy keeping everyone safe and healthy with dietary and health support.

Bridges is part of my family. Because they all treat him like family.

Vicky, Wife of Client