“Glenn comes to Bridges 5 days a week and when I wake Glenn up in the morning, he is ready to come to Bridges. He enjoys the people and doesn’t mind coming. I know when I drop Glenn off he is in good hands and is in a safe environment. Thank you so much for taking good care of my husband.” – Vicky S.

“She is happy and interacts a lot better with family!” – R. Hernandez

“Bridges is a God sent blessing!!! It provides entertainment for my brother during the week. I pray that it continues because of the help it provides for its family” – Cecil K.

“knowing that my daughter is safe and having fun takes a deep weight off me, leaving me more free to work” – Terri R.

“She is happy to talk about her day away from home.” – Leanne N.

“My client is excited about her day (each day) and looks forward to attending Bridges” – Caregiver